14-17 September 2015
Kyushu University Nishijin Plaza
Japan timezone
The annual international workshop on fixed field alternating gradient (FFAG) accelerators for 2015 will be held at the Kyushu University from September 14th to 17th. Topics will include beam dynamics, hardware, computer code and applications of FFAGs such as particle physics, cancer therapy, ADSR and industrial irradiation.
Starts 14 Sep 2015 09:00
Ends 17 Sep 2015 12:30
Kyushu University Nishijin Plaza
2-16-23 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Japan


  • Applications of FFAGs: medical treatment, Accelerator driven subcritical reactor, Irradiation, etc.
  • FFAGs for basic research: nuclear and particle physics, neutron sources, etc.
  • Status of project: results and new proposals, etc.
  • Accelerator components: magnets, RF cavities, diagnostics, control system, etc.

Workshop info