28-30 November 2019
C-CUBE, Kyushu University Chikushi Campus 九州大学筑紫キャンパス総合研究棟 (C-Cube)
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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Contribution Oral

C-CUBE, Kyushu University Chikushi Campus 九州大学筑紫キャンパス総合研究棟 (C-Cube) - Chikushi Hall 筑紫ホール

Nuclear Data Activities and Related Database Services at the IAEA Nuclear Data Section


  • Dr. Shin OKUMURA

Primary authors




The Nuclear Data Section (NDS) of IAEA assembles, develops and disseminates nuclear data and related databases for basic science and nuclear applications. This presentation will give an overview of the activities at IAEA-NDS, which aimed to develop nuclear data libraries and to disseminate and maintain databases such as Ion Beam Analysis Nuclear Data Library (IBANDL), Evaluated Nuclear Structure and Decay Data File (ENSDF), and Experimental Reaction (EXFOR) database, and to develop data retrieval system such as Isotope Browser as well as a brand-new product of Medical Isotope Browser. This presentation will focus primarily on EXFOR database, which is maintained by the International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centres (NRDC) network under the auspices of the IAEA. The published experimental nuclear reaction data are compiled in the EXFOR database. Currently, the database contains more than 20,000 experiments and more than 150,000 numerical datasets.

A recent increase in interests on the nuclear fission product yield (FPY) for various nuclear application fields and fundamental physics stresses the importance to develop the new evaluated FPY data libraries and to share the complete set of experimental data as a common basis. The current evaluated libraries comprise the evaluation of the experimental data as well as some empirical models. Such evaluations have been done before the 2000s and only a few additions and corrections have been done. The IAEA-NDS plans to launch a new Coordination Research Project (CRP) in early 2020 to update the evaluated FPY data for the neutron-induced fission of several important actinides. Prior to launch the CRP, IAEA-NDS finished the completeness assessment of FPY data in the EXFOR database by comparison with the datasets that used for the evaluation of two major evaluated libraries, i.e. ENDF/B-VI and UKFY-3. This presentation will review the current status of completeness assessment and future plans of further quality improvement of the FPY and fission related experimental data.