28-30 November 2019
C-CUBE, Kyushu University Chikushi Campus 九州大学筑紫キャンパス総合研究棟 (C-Cube)
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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九州大学筑紫キャンパス総合研究棟 (C-Cube) - 3階広場

Measurement of the energy spectra of hydrogen isotopes from nuclear muon capture in natSi


  • Mr. Seiya MANABE

Primary authors

  • Mr. Seiya MANABE (Department of Advanced Energy Engineering Science, Kyushu University)



Soft errors induced by cosmic ray have been recognized as a major threat for the electronics used at the ground level. The soft error is caused by an upset of the memory information induced by the energy deposition in devices by energetic ionizing radiation. Recently, cosmic-ray muon-induced soft errors have attracted much attention due to the reduction of soft error immunity on static random access memories. Our previous work reported that the negative muon has much more serious effect on the occurrence of SEUs compared to the positive one because of the emission of the light ions from the nuclear muon capture reaction on Si. However, no experimental data of the energy spectra of the light ions from the capture reaction on Si has been reported until now. Therefore, there is an uncertainty in the estimation of the muon-induced soft error rate. To overcome this situation, we newly performed the experiment to measure the energy spectra of the hydrogen isotopes generated via the muon capture reaction on the Si nucleus. The experiment was performed using the MuSIC-M1 muon beam line at RCNP, Osaka University. A 100-µm thick silicon target was irradiated by the muon beam and the emitted ions from the target was measured by using a ∆E-E telescope that consists of a 325-µm thick silicon detector (∆E) and a 25-mm thick CsI(Tl) detector (E). The hydrogen isotopes (proton, deuteron and triton) were detected and their energy spectra were successfully measured. At the poster presentation, the detail of the experiment, results and comparison with the theoretical model will be discussed.